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           July 28/29/30 
Arrival on July 27 is possible
Auxon / Les Vesoul / France

At Talking Trees festival

music and other art forms come together without agenda.


Visitors become participants, participants become visitors.

Spontaneity reigns New collaborations emerge organically.

You will hear music you've never heard before

Performed by artist creatures and trees. Trees?

Come and listen to it yourself. It's amazing.

Nothing is mandatory. This festival is an experiment and a real experience. There is only one rule; We treat each other and nature with respect.

All forms of collaboration are possible.

There are dancers, performers, painters, DJ's, documentary makers, coaches, designers, musicians and there is you. 

Together we'll enjoy the delicious and beautiful vegetarian food from our Queen of Food; Chef Fia de Pree.

Come and enjoy this first edition of Talking Trees Festival, created by friends and yourself.A three days and nights experience under the French sun, moon and stars. One you will never forget.

Come and play.

Talking Trees Festival | music and other art | voice | Frankrijk


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Facilities at the festival

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Talking Trees Festival | music and other art | Bert Barten | Frankrijk

Bert Barten /

Talking Trees / Founder

You only pay for food, stay and

for the tree we plant in your name. All artist and other creatures join because the want to, we are not in for profit. We are in for our love of music, happiness, co-creation and because we care about the well-being of ourselves, you and nature.

Deep vibration inside trees converted into music. Talking Trees is a project about changing perception. Making the unseeable visible, making the supersonic hearable. This project is initiated by Bert Barten, artist and musician and from now also your festival host.



From a classical breakfast concert to dancing under the stars to the beats of the DJ's, listen to the sounds of Talking Trees Orchestra or your own voice.

These beautiful people are there for each other and for you. 

Talking Trees Festival | music and other art | Logo | Frankrijk

Talking Trees / Festival

Chateau de Gressoux

Talking Trees Festival

Gressoux / Auxon / les Vesoul / France 

For every ticket we plant a tree

keep you informed?

Merci beaucoup